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        Belts & Hoses

Your engine belts and hoses are crucial components that can degrade over time. At Dempster Tire Pros, we inspect serpentine belts, timing belts, radiator hoses, and more to check condition and functionality. We can recognize when belts are worn or hoses are cracked, dried out, or squealing, and perform needed replacements. Trust our technicians to evaluate your belts and hoses during scheduled maintenance to keep your engine running at peak efficiency.

Our skilled technicians are adept at identifying signs of wear, such as cracked, dried-out, or squealing belts, as well as hoses that are showing signs of deterioration. If any of these issues are detected, we're well-equipped to carry out the necessary replacements, ensuring that your engine remains in optimal working condition.

You can rely on our technicians to evaluate the state of your belts and hoses during scheduled maintenance, helping you avoid unexpected breakdowns and ensuring your engine operates at peak efficiency. At Dempster Tire Pros, we take pride in our commitment to keeping your vehicle running smoothly and dependably. Trust us to provide the expert care your engine's belts and hoses require, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a well-maintained vehicle.

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