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Dempster Tire Pros in Middletown, OH is your one-stop shop for specialty tires and auto services. We carry a wide selection of tires for skid steers, bobcats, backhoes, tractors, loaders, semis, OTR vehicles, lawn equipment, trailers, farm equipment, ATVs, UTVs, and more. Whether you need tires in sizes 19.5”, 17.5”, 16.5”, or 14.5”, we likely have them in stock. We also offer services like TPMS sensors, valve stems, and inner tubes. Our experienced technicians can help with installations, maintenance, and repairs. For all your specialty tire and auto service needs, let the experts at Dempster Tire Pros get you back on the road.


There are many great reasons to choose Dempster Tire Pros for your specialty tire and auto service needs. We offer perks like our excellent Tire Protection Plan to protect your investment, flexible financing options to make purchases more affordable. Our technicians have decades of combined experience fitting and servicing specialty tires on all types of equipment. We carry a huge in-stock selection to get you rolling again quickly. Our shop uses the latest tools and equipment for efficient, high-quality service. And we back all of our work with industry-leading warranties. For great prices, wide selection, excellent service, and the convenience of a one-stop shop, choose Dempster Tire Pros in Middletown, OH.


Is your AC blowing hot air when you just want to stay cool? Properly functioning A/C is vital for defrosting and dehumidifying the air in your car. At Dempster Tire Pros, our technicians can inspect your AC system to find and fix any issues. We'll get your AC back to keeping you comfortable, no matter how hot it gets outside. You can count on us for reliable AC repair and maintenance.

A clean air filter is crucial for providing your engine with enough air to generate power while keeping contaminants out. Dirty air filters reduce power and fuel efficiency. For peak performance, your filter should be replaced at least every 12 months or 12,000 miles. The experts at Dempster Tire Pros will take care of inspecting and replacing your air filter. With a fresh, clean filter, your ride will get the air it needs. Contact us today for air filter replacement and maintenance.

Proper wheel alignment brings your vehicle into alignment with manufacturer specifications. Our expert technicians at Dempster Tire Pros use top-of-the-line equipment to adjust your wheels so they are square and moving in unison. This helps optimize tire wear and keeps your vehicle driving straight. We offer 2-wheel or 4-wheel alignments on cars, trucks, and SUVs to meet your needs. For alignment service you can trust, choose Dempster Tire Pros.

Your battery starts your car, but the alternator powers your vehicle's electrical systems while driving. A faulty alternator can quickly drain your battery. At Dempster Tire Pros, we offer complete alternator testing and replacement services to keep your charging system working properly. Our technicians will diagnose issues with your starting and charging systems to get your car back on the road. Rely on us for efficient alternator replacement and repairs.

An old or faulty battery can leave you stranded when you need your car the most. Extreme temperatures in the Middletown, OH area can tax your battery. Dempster Tire Pros provides battery testing to check performance and efficiency. If you need a new battery, we carry a wide selection of batteries to reliably fit your make and model. Our experts make battery replacement quick and easy to get you back on the road. Trust us for battery testing, replacement, and maintenance.

Your engine belts and hoses are crucial components that can degrade over time. At Dempster Tire Pros, we inspect serpentine belts, timing belts, radiator hoses, and more to check condition and functionality. We can recognize when belts are worn or hoses are cracked, dried out, or squealing, and perform needed replacements. Trust our technicians to evaluate your belts and hoses during scheduled maintenance to keep your engine running at peak efficiency.

Brakes are a key safety system, so any issues like squealing, grinding, pulsating pedals, or excessive pedal travel need immediate attention. The team at Dempster Tire Pros offers professional brake inspections and repairs to keep you safe. We’ll check your ABS system operation, diagnose issues, and perform repairs to OEM specifications. You can rely on our expertise for brake maintenance, repairs, pads, rotors, and more. We’ll get your brakes back to optimal condition.

Your cooling system must operate properly to maintain engine temperature. The experts at Dempster Tire Pros can diagnose issues with radiators, hoses, water pumps, thermostats, fans, and other cooling components. We’ll check your system for leaks, inspect functionality, and perform needed repairs. Trust us to optimize your cooling system through timely service. We’ll ensure it works efficiently to prevent overheating while maximizing performance.

Diesel engines need specialized care to maintain efficiency. The technicians at Dempster Tire Pros are experts in diesel maintenance. We'll perform critical servicing of your engine oil, filters, fuel system, and more. With regular diesel engine maintenance from our shop, we'll keep your truck or car running smoothly for years to come. Trust us for diesel servicing you can rely on.

As a key drivetrain component, differentials need maintenance to prevent issues. At Dempster Tire Pros, we can diagnose noises, leakage, or problems with your differential and transfer case. Our techs will inspect for worn gears, bearings, and other signs of damage. We offer complete differential and 4x4 servicing, repairs, and fluid changes. Count on us for expert differential maintenance and repair services.

Warning lights indicate potentially serious issues, so pay attention to oil, check engine, and other indicators. The specialists at Dempster Tire Pros offer complete engine diagnostics to pinpoint problems. We'll troubleshoot issues and perform needed repairs to OEM specs. Our diagnostic testing and repair services keep your engine running right. Trust our expertise with all engine maintenance, repairs, and diagnostics.

A flat tire can ruin your day, but Dempster Tire Pros is here to help. We can diagnose and repair punctures, leaks, and other flat causes to get you rolling again. Stop driving immediately if you notice a flat, and call us for fast, reliable roadside assistance and repairs. Our technicians can safely replace or repair your damaged tire. Trust Dempster Tire Pros for expert flat fixes and new tire installation.

Regular fluid checks and changes are vital for your vehicle’s health. The pros at Dempster Tire Pros inspect critical systems like brakes, transmission, coolant, oil, power steering, and more. Letting us examine your fluid levels and condition will help avoid breakdowns and expensive repairs down the road. For peace of mind, schedule a fluid inspection and change with our certified technicians.

Does your 4WD or AWD system seem to be having issues? Bring your vehicle to the experts at Dempster Tire Pros. We can diagnose transfer case, differential, actuator, and drivetrain problems. Illuminated dashboard lights, noises, vibration, or failure to engage 4WD all indicate a potential problem. Trust our experienced techs to pinpoint the issue and perform needed repairs to get your 4WD or AWD system functioning properly again.

A lift kit can boost your truck or SUV's capability and style. The team at Dempster Tire Pros expertly installs lift kits to improve your vehicle's clearance, off-road handling, and appearance. Larger tires, enhanced performance, and great looks—a lift kit offers big benefits. We carry top lift brands and safely complete installations to manufacturer specifications. If you want to lift your ride, trust the pros at Dempster Tire Pros.

Your exhaust system scrubs emissions and reduces noise, so issues can impact performance. At Dempster Tire Pros, we diagnose exhaust problems like leaks, rattling, or a faulty catalytic converter. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect your entire exhaust system and make needed repairs. Trust us for muffler replacement, custom exhaust work, and exhaust system maintenance. We’ll have you running quiet and emissions-compliant again quickly.

Regular oil changes are vital maintenance for protecting your engine. Over time, debris clogs the oil filter lowering effectiveness. Dempster Tire Pros understands the importance of routine oil and filter changes. We perform professional changes using quality oils, paying close attention to factory recommendations on mileage and intervals. For service you can trust, choose Dempster Tire Pros for your next oil change.

Stay ahead of problems through Dempster Tire Pros’s preventive maintenance program. We perform inspections and scheduled services like tire rotation, fluid checks, brake pads, timing belts, filters and more. Routine maintenance catches issues early, improving safety and efficiency. Our techs have the expertise to properly service your make and model. Protect your investment with Dempster Tire Pros.

Your steering and suspension keep tires planted for control. Bring your vehicle to Dempster Tire Pros if you notice uneven wear, noise, bouncing, pulling, or loss of traction. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect your steering and suspension components and make repairs to OEM specifications. You can count on our expertise to resolve alignment issues, shocks, struts, ball joints, bushings, and more. Trust Dempster Tire Pros for top-quality steering and suspension repairs.

Properly balanced tires promote smooth rides and even wear. Over time, tires can become unbalanced resulting in vibration and shaking. For maximum life and performance, tires should be rebalanced every 15,000 miles. The professionals at Dempster Tire Pros provide expert tire balancing services using top equipment. We'll get your tires spinning smoothly again for a comfortable, quiet ride. Trust us for all your tire balance needs.

Don't let worn, old tires put you at risk on the road. The team at Dempster Tire Pros provides professional tire installation and replacement services using top tire brands. We take great care in mounting, balancing, and installing new tires correctly for optimal performance and safety. With our expert service, your drive will get a fresh start. Come to Dempster Tire Pros for your next tire change.

TPMS monitors tire pressure and alerts you to unsafe drops in inflation. The specialists at Dempster Tire Pros can diagnose TPMS problems and perform needed repairs and maintenance. We have the tools and know-how to inspect sensors, reset your TPMS, and get alerts functioning properly again. Trust us for all your tire pressure monitoring system servicing needs.

Rotating your tires regularly promotes even wear for maximum life. Front tires tend to wear faster, so rotations help balance tread life. Dempster Tire Pros performs professional tire rotations every 6,000-8,000 miles as part of routine maintenance. Our techs rotate tires according to vehicle specifications to ensure proper handling, grip, and performance. For expert tire rotation, choose Dempster Tire Pros.

Modern transmissions are highly computerized, needing specialized service. At Dempster Tire Pros, our technicians use top OEM tools to accurately diagnose issues. We'll service your transmission with fluid changes, filter replacements, reprogramming, and more. Trust our transmission experts to keep yours running smoothly. For personalized service from qualified techs, choose Dempster Tire Pros.

With modern ignitions and injection, tune-ups now focus on components needing regular replacement. Dempster Tire Pros troubleshoots problems like poor performance, dash lights, misfires, and knocks. Our technicians will inspect plugs, filters, belts, hoses and fluids, replacing parts as needed. Count on us for today’s up-to-date tune-up servicing to keep your vehicle running great.

Regular inspections by Dempster Tire Pros’s experts help spot minor issues before they become major. We thoroughly inspect all systems and components, assessing condition, wear, and needed repairs. Preventative check-ups increase safety, extend vehicle life, and potentially save you thousands down the road. For comprehensive bumper-to-bumper inspections, trust the pros at Dempster Tire Pros.

Worn wiper blades compromise visibility and safety. The team at Dempster Tire Pros professionally installs top-quality replacement blades tailored to your make and model. We'll ensure a perfect fit for superior wiping and visibility. Don't let worn blades put you at risk – get fresh, effective wipers installed by the experts at Dempster Tire Pros today.



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